Monday, September 28, 2009

Trying to Get Started on Reviews/Giveaways

So I've been entering in giveaways for almost two weeks now and following blogs to read their reviews on products. As a stay at home mom during the week, I woud love to start doing my own reviews on products and hosting giveaways for all the moms out there.

I have had a great time entering into the mommy blog world and it gives me a chance to see what's out there for Little E. I have really learned a lot from the many reviews I've read and can't believe all the awesome things that are out there!

So, as I venture out to see what's out there and get my blog really going, wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dali Decals $25 GC Giveaway

Dali Decals is offering one of Baby Loving Mama's readers a $25 gift card to their site! To be honest, I wasn't too sure that I would be interested in the decals but then I looked at the site and there are so many different options, it's hard to choose just one!!!

After much deliberation and going back and forth, I decided that I want the "little girl with a dandelion" design. It is absolutely adorable and reminds me so much of when I was a little girl and would pluck a dandelion out of the grass, blow on the seeds, and watch them fly through the air. I guess it's my chance to reminisce and in the back of my mind, that little girl in the decal is me! Just because I have my own little boy now it doesn't mean that I can't go back to those innocent days of my own childhood!! Okay, a little bit too much reminiscing!!!!

Anyway, check out Dali Decals' website and look at all the great designs they offer and then head on over and enter the giveaway at Baby Loving Mama's blog!

Twilight Sea Turtle Giveaway

I am sooooooooo excited!!!! Baby Loving Mama currently has a giveaway for a Twilight Sea Turtle from Cloud B. This thing is sooooo cool!!! It projects stars onto your child's ceiling at night and is soft enough that they can play with it during the day!!! My hubby & I saw these somewhere a few months ago and couldn't remember where and haven't been able to find it since.

Little E would love this since he has a fascination with the moon & the stars!! I'm really, really crossing my fingers for this one and since E's learned how to cross his, he can cross his, too!!!

Go to Baby Loving Mama's blog and enter for your chance to win and while you're at it, go to Cloud B's website! They also have this awesome Lavender Lab that will put out a light scent of lavender into your bed and the scent can last up to 5 years!!!

Pediped Footwear Giveaway...Ends Tonight!

Baby Loving Mama has a great giveaway for a pair of Pedipeds for your little one. If you haven't seen these before, you need to head on over and check them out. They are so adorable and have so many different styles to choose from. Also, they are soft soled.

Head on over and check them out. HURRY!!! Ends tonight!

Reusable Lunch Kit Giveaway

Citizenpip is giving one of Jolly Mom's readers a Square Meal Reusable Lunch Kit. This kit includes an insulated lunch bag, 4 BPA free containers (air-tight), a stainless steel water bottle, & 5 cotton napkins. There are 3 different color choices/patterns to choose from in this style, also.

This would be great if your toddler is in daycare and you have to pack a lunch or for those of you who have kids in school. Ethan will be starting preschool soon and he'll be eating lunch there, so this would be GREAT for him!!!

Head on over and check on Jolly Mom's blog & review. While you're at it, take a look at all the different products that Citizenpip offers!

Laundry Mom Tee Giveaway

Mission Mom has a really fun giveaway for moms! (Living the Dream) has generously agreed to give one of Mission Mom's readers a "Living the Dream Laundry Tee" in your choice of color/size.

Living the Dream has a variety of styles to choose from, from "Shopping Mom", to "Cooking Mom" (my favorite), to "Working Mom". They offer shirts in different styles and have just started to offer reusuable shopping bags. There is also a new "Halloween Mom" style shirt and they are offering a free shopping bag with the purchase of one of those shirts.

Head on over to Mission Mom's blog and read her review and then take a look at the Living the Dream site.

LEHR Eco-Trimmer Review & Giveaway

Barefoot Mommies had an awesome opportunity to review the LEHR Craftsman Weedeater and LEHR has also given her a second Eco-Trimmer to give to one of her lucky readers.

The Eco-Trimmer runs off of a small propane tank like the ones you use on small camping grills and one tank gives you approximately two hours of running time. The tanks are fairly inexpensive, as we have used them before, and can be purchased through WalMart, Lowes, or other similar stores. To start the Eco-Trimmer, the LEHR website says it has an easy start. There is no choke and no priming necessary. In the Barefoot Mommies review, she says it just took one pull to get it going.

The Eco-Trimmer sounds like a great new addition to all of your "yard working" needs and the fact that it is environmentally friendly is another great plus!

Head on over to the Barefoot Mommies blog to read her review and to enter for a chance to win your own Eco-Trimmer.