Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zooper Waltz Stroller Giveaway

J. Leigh Designz is giving her readers another great chance to win yet another awesome giveaway!! Zooper has agreed to give one of her readers a Zooper Waltz in the color of your choice.

This stroller seems to be the perfect size....for me, our original stroller for little E is now too big and the umbrella strollers just aren't big enough. Judging by J. Leigh Designz's review, this has everything you would need but not with the bulkiness of some other strollers.

I've been looking for a new stroller for a while now. Hopefully I can try this one!!!

So, head on over to the J. Leigh Designz blog and then go to Zooper's website and check out their products!!

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